Business Management System

BMS is a system from the borderline of SFA / CRM, whose main role is to help sales representatives in planning their work, sales and reporting, as well as managers in the settlement of their sales teams. The system works on the basis of authorizations, thanks to which every team member sees only those elements that are necessary for him at work. The system supports, in particular, the FMCG industry, but at the customer’s request we implement new functionalities custom-made to their needs. We also integrate with external accounting programs and distributors sales systems.


The system is intended for companies that:
wish to organize and adapt their current customer database to the GDPR requirements;
collect and process their clients’ personal data in their daily work;
wish to create a customer database compliant with the GDPR regulations and be able to contact them without fear of fines and other legal consequences;
need a tool that will enable quick management of marketing consents and limit access to data for unauthorized persons.
Thanks to Easy GDPR, the company safely builds the customer database, and also efficiently responds to their queries regarding data processing. Easy GDPR is also a way to quickly inform the customer about the extent to which the company processes their data.

Virtual Catalog

Virtual Catalog

Virtual product catalog is a mobile application that allows our customers to quickly and effectively present their company’s offer at a business meeting. The catalog enables presentation of information about a selected product or product group. Thanks to the application, the sales representative is able to send information relevant to the client to the indicated e-mail address during the meeting, directly from the application.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

For customers who would like to create an IT solution, but do not have sufficient resources to assess its profitability or design the necessary activities, we offer a service consisting of preparation of business analysis, along with the system specification. How do we operate?

We organize a meeting and audit at the company’s headquarters, where we learn about your business processes

We develop a proposition of algorithms, which in the IT system will be responsible for servicing these processes

After accepting the algorithms, we create the system specification along with sample visualizations

We valuate the project

After purchasing the service, you become the owner of the document. On its basis, you can commission writing of the system to us or to any company on the market.

Are you ready for your new business solutions?