Mobile applications

Android / iOS

If you have an idea for a start-up, want to create new services, integrate your system with the world of smart devices, or just want to improve your work – let’s talk. Together, we will analyze the possibilities, propose solutions and create a mobile app that will meet the needs of you and its future users.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices opened a window to the world for their users many years ago. It is worth taking advantage of this relentless wave of popularity. Possibilities such as support for the GPS module, PUSH notifications, payments or constant access to data from anywhere in the world are no longer a luxury, but a standard that you only have to reach to make your private and professional life much easier.

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Web applications

We have been creating business support software for over a decade. When creating applications that work in the cloud, it is not important whether we use mobile devices or personal computers, because such a solution is available from anywhere in the world.

Quick access to data and transparency of information allow you to easily manage, among others, orders, stock levels and other data in our company.

By creating dedicated solutions and applications for Clients from the food, pharmaceutical or production and industrial fields, we also often make solutions that integrate new applications with existing tools, such as online payments or accounting and warehouse systems.

Business systems

The business systems we create are complex applications supporting the most important processes taking place in companies. The implementation of such a system is a process that requires accuracy, which reflects the complexity of a given process, and the sign of its success is quick access to the necessary data. This is how we created our systems for managing the work of salesmen in the field, supporting the B2B sales process or the warehouse management system.

In such a system you will find not only the processes taking place in your Company, but also modern technologies (e.g. by creating a warehouse management system, we made it possible for our Client to give up additional infrastructure in the form of scanners, replacing them with smartphones – a special application for Android or iOS allows you to scan codes in the warehouse. just by phone). It is also worth mentioning that by integrating with other systems, we enable efficient information flow almost in real time

Systemy e-commerce

Online and pandemic-free sales are a huge, constantly growing part of global commerce. Through online auctions, you can quickly reach the Customer, the online store easily shows your offer, and the marketplace reaches local recipients. Little? How else can you stand out in such a competitive market?

The e-commerce system that we can create for you will improve the sales process by collecting orders from many sources in one place, where you will see not only growing sales bars, but also optimize the shipping process or warehouse. Good e-commerce is convenient for the store owner and integrates the latest technologies for the end customer. Safe payments, convenient shipping or loyalty programs are just the top of the list.

B2B systems

Work optimization is the only way to sell effectively. In the era of constant access to data, it is worth having modern tools that will facilitate placing orders, maintain regular sales and ensure comfort for both you and the Client.

Also, do not be afraid that you will have to change all the tools you use. B2B systems easily integrate with product databases and other ERP or CRM systems, thanks to which you will increase the capabilities of your systems basically painlessly.

System integrations and extensions

Do you have an online store, internal work tools or an idea for an application that will allow you to develop your business? We will help you with this! We will analyze the integration possibilities of the platform on which you work, we will integrate it or prepare a dedicated tool for you that will meet your business expectations.

We integrate CRM systems, online stores, native applications and dedicated analytical systems.

If you would like to find out more about our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, let’s talk!

How do we work?

In order to create the perfect solutions for you and your Company, we must bite into the problem and enter into cooperation with you with great commitment and understanding. There are several steps that will allow us to ensure full transparency of work, check how!

How do we work?

In order to create the perfect solutions for you and your Company, we must bite into the problem and enter into cooperation with you with great commitment and understanding. There are several steps that will allow us to ensure full transparency of work, check how!

Business analysis
When starting cooperation, we must understand many aspects of your business in order to propose the most efficient solution. Our specialists, before creating the project documentation, will conduct a business analysis of your idea to assess risks, opportunities and ensure the successful cooperation.
We test every possible scenario
The format of the imported data may vary, correct form validation, or changing the password in the account settings may seem obvious, but all this must be tested before the end of the work.
Post-implementation support
After implementation, you are never left alone. We train in operation, teach good habits and test the system together with you, so that it fully meets your expectations. The Helpdesk department is always available for you in case of any questions or doubts, and if you have an idea for further development, a word is enough.

Effects will be noticed immediately

Almost every process can be optimized, facilitated and accelerated. Technology gives us great opportunities – just present your problem to us and we will try to solve it with the tools of the 21st century.

120%+ sales growth
Providing sales support systems is a quick and convenient way not only to simplify the sales process, but also to optimize the work of growth.
Inner peace of the manager, not to mention the boss, cannot be expressed in numbers, but it is often exactly opposite to chaos in the company. Manage conveniently, transparently and effectively. Integrate anything with your current systems.
Instant access to data
You don't have to ask for or generate reports from multiple systems or processes. Just boot up the system and take a look at the statistics
Economy and security
Cloud systems guarantee security and stability of access to services from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This allows you to work comfortably, and the lack of infrastructure requirements or internal IT support is pure saving.

Do you need something extra?

We are there for you. Call us, get in touch on social media – just reach out and we will be happy to find a solution for you.